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(Maximize your impact!)

Why Well Versed Marketing?

You are busy running your business and making your dreams come true. You know you’ve got a killer product or business and you are spending tons of time developing content but not enough people are finding you or turning into customers OR you are feeling like you need to be in all the places and doing ALL.THE.THINGS.


Why? Because the internet is loud and busy. Only 2% of website visitors turn in to paying customers and only 5% of your followers are seeing the social posts that you are crafting. 


Hustle culture also makes it seem like you need to be everywhere. You don’t. But you do need to be in the right places and make the maximum impact there.

Stop fighting the algorithms and start getting results. If you are ready to grow and see some real traction then it's time to review your digital strategy and start getting seen.

(Hello there!)


Hi! I’m Katherine and I love small business. I mean I really love it and was raised to love it. My mom literally wrote a book on this. I also really love getting people noticed online and helping them make their dreams come true. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing people succeed. 


I’ve spent 15 years in digital marketing and tech roles in fields like publishing, ed-tech, and content marketing, and I’ve worked at companies like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Macmillan and Wiley. Additionally, I hold a certificate in digital marketing from Cornell. I’ve also run some cool events, made some even cooler apps for major publishing brands, and delivered significant revenue increases and brand visibility for my teams and projects. 


Now I want to put that all to work for you!

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